Primary syphilis of the tonsil mimicking lymphoma <b>[Abstract in English]</b>

  • Viviane Feller Martha PUCRS
  • Nédio Steffen PUCRS
  • Aline Silveira Martha PUCRS
  • Juliana Jonhson Ferri PUCRS


Aims: To report an unusual case of syphilis affecting the tonsil and to review the literature on the subject. Case description: A 60 year-old Caucasian man presented a swelling of the right side of the neck, and hiponasal voice, four months following a surgery to remove an adenoma of the left submandibular gland. The physical examination showed cervical lymphadenopathy, and a computed tomography scan revealed a cervical mass. Fine-needle aspiration failed to rule out lymphoepithelioma. The right tonsil was clearly pathological and an extended right tonsillectomy was undertaken. A diagnosis of syphilis was established based on pathological analysis combined with blood tests results. Conclusions: While many chancres appear on the genitals, they may be seen anywhere on the body. The hallmark of syphilis is the absence of pain and the patient’s feeling of a lump in the throat. Although infrequent, syphilis should enter in the differential diagnosis of unilateral tonsillar hypertrophy.


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Author Biographies

Viviane Feller Martha, PUCRS
Otorrinolaringologista, Mestre e Doutor em Medicina pela UFRGS, Preceptora PUCRS
Nédio Steffen, PUCRS
Mestre e Doutor em Medicina pela UNIFESP, professor da Faculdade de Medicina da PUCRS.
Aline Silveira Martha, PUCRS
Acadêmica de Medicina da PUCRS
Juliana Jonhson Ferri, PUCRS
Acadêmica de Medicina da PUCRS
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Martha, V. F., Steffen, N., Martha, A. S., & Ferri, J. J. (2011). Primary syphilis of the tonsil mimicking lymphoma <b>[Abstract in English]</b>. Scientia Medica, 21(2), 67-68. Retrieved from
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