Identification of charred corpse using dental records


  • Rhonan Ferreira da Silva FOP-UNICAMP
  • Eduardo Daruge Júnior FOP-UNICAMP
  • Sávio Domingos da Rocha Pereira FOP-UNICAMP
  • Solange Maria de Almeida FOP-UNICAMP
  • Rogério Nogueira de Oliveira FO-USP


Forensic Anthropology, victim identification, Forensic Dentistry, dental records


Purpose: The aim of the present paper was to demonstrate the importance of dental records for human identification. Case description: A charred body was found inside of a burned car. Because the soft tissues were destroyed, finger print exams were not possible. According to investigations the suspected victim had had dental treatment, and all dental records (dental charts and radiograph exams) were requested. Comparing the information provided by dental records with the victim’s dental features, 11 matching reference points were detected. Based on technical and scientific parameters there was enough evidence to identify the body found inside the car as the missing person. Conclusion: Considering the unique aspects related to charred body identification, Forensic Dentistry identification technique still has some advantages in comparison with DNA exam because it is easy and fast to perform, has low cost and provides reliable results. Key words: Forensic Anthropology; victim identification; Forensic Dentistry; dental records

Author Biographies

Rhonan Ferreira da Silva, FOP-UNICAMP

Prof. de Odontologia Legal UNIP-GO. Mestre em Odontologia Legal FOP-UNICAMP. Perito Criminal Oficial da Polícia Técnico-Científica-GO.

Eduardo Daruge Júnior, FOP-UNICAMP

Prof. Dr. de Odontologia Legal FOP-UNICAMP.

Sávio Domingos da Rocha Pereira, FOP-UNICAMP

Mestre em Odontologia Legal FOP/UNICAMP. Prof. de Odontologia Legal FAESA (ES).

Solange Maria de Almeida, FOP-UNICAMP

Professora Associada. Departamento de Radiologia Oral FOP/UNICAMP

Rogério Nogueira de Oliveira, FO-USP

Professor Doutor da disciplina de Odontologia Legal FO/USP






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