Arm and hand function in hemodialysis patients. A cross sectional analytical study

Keywords: Hemodyalisis, Arteriovenous fistula, Pain, Paresthesia, Hand.


Aims: To investigate the arm and hand function in hemodialysis patients.

Methods: Upper limb function using validated questionnaires such as Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand Questionnaire (DASH), Cochin and Boston were applied to 57 chronic renal failure patients on hemodialysis and 60 healthy controls. Epidemiological data, data on pain and paresthesia in the upper limb and handgrip strength were obtained.

Results: The three questionnaires showed worse performance of upper limb function in chronic renal failure patients than controls: DASH questionnaire with P = 0.05; Cochin questionnaire with P = 0.0004 and Boston questionnaire with P = 0.03. The questionnaire scores were affected by presence of pain (P = 0.05 for DASH and < 0.0001 for Boston questionnaires) and paresthesia (DASH with P = 0.003; Cochin with P = 0.01 and Boston questionnaire with P < 0.0001). Handgrip
strength was lower in hemodialysis patients when compared with controls (P = 0.02) but did not affect the performance of any of the studied questionnaires.

Conclusions: Upper limb function is impaired in hemodialysis patients and the main associations found were with pain and paresthesia.


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