Survey of study design of papers published in brazilian dental journals

  • Geraldo José de Oliveira
  • Evelyn Soares de Oliveira
  • Cláudio R. Leles


Studies have different potentials of influence on clinical practice due to methodological limitations of study design, which may be based on study purposes and ethical principles, sampling, and available time and financial resources to implement research. The aim of this study was a survey of study design of papers published in Brazilian dental journals. A convenience sample of 28 titles of dental journals was obtained, including 564 numbers with 5453 articles. Each paper was classified according to its methodological design according to previous defined criteria. The most common published studies were in vitro studies (25%), narrative reviews (24%) and case reports (20%). Results reveal that most part of papers is considered studies that have low potential impact on clinical practice and suggest that evidence-based principles are poorly disseminated among Brazilian dental researches.
UNITERMS: publication; study design; dental journals.
Original Article