Letter of Buzios: Proposition for the control of toxoplasmosis in Brazil

Rede Brasileira de Toxoplasmose, Comitê Coordenador do Primeiro Simpósio Nacional de Toxoplasmose


In September 20-21, 2008, in the city of Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the Toxoplasma Centennial Congress, the First National Symposium of Toxoplasmosis was held, which congregated professionals who are dedicated to the study of toxoplasmosis. The Brazilian Network of Toxoplasmosis was created, with the aims of developing research partnership and exchanging clinical experiences, which may lead to comprehensive solutions with benefits for the largest possible number of Brazilians. This document summarizes the concerns of this group of experts, and recommends the inclusion of the items described below in the agenda of the official organizations.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15448/1980-6108.2010.1.6652

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