Economic costs and burden of dengue disease in Cavite Province, Philippines

Willington Onuh, Cristina Cabanacan Salibay, Paul Manaig


Aims: To determine the economic costs and the burden of dengue disease in Cavite Province, one of the areas highly inflicted by dengue disease in the Philippines.

Methods: This study used Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) to calculate burden of dengue disease and quantified direct and indirect costs due to hospitalization and ambulatory dengue cases. DALYs were estimated using methods developed by the World Health Organization and the World Bank. We specifically calculated Years of Life Lost from 2009 to 2014 using patient-level data from hospitals and derived Years Lived with Disability from hospital records of dengue specific type (dengue fever/dengue hemorrhagic fever) in Cavite Province.  

Results: An annual cost of Philippine Peso (PHP) 99,147,173 which is equivalent to United States Dollar (USD) 2,300,000 was obtained. The average annual cost per dengue case was PHP 32,324 (USD 734). The 21-25 age sub-groups had the highest average annual direct cost which amounted to PHP 243,181 (USD 5,526), followed by the 45-54 age sub-groups which amounted to PHP 201,481 (USD 4,579). From 2009 to 2014, the annual burden of disease was estimated at 178,282 DALYs (equivalent to one DALY lost per 17 persons in Cavite Province).

Conclusions:  The estimates of costs and DALYs suggested substantial dengue disease burden and economic costs in Cavite Province, Philippines.


dengue; burden of disease; burden of illness; disease costs; disability-adjusted life years; costs and cost analysis; productivity loss; Philippines.

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