Temporal epilepsy: case report [Abstract in English]

Taís A. C. Souza, Verônica Valle, Vivian Cristófoli, Eduardo Paglioli, Eliseu Paglioli


This study was made to divulgue a powerfull resource
in the treatment of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy due
to hippocampal sclerosis (MTLE-HS): the surgery.
Aproximatelly 25.000 patients with this patology are
medically refractary in the South Brazil and that many of
these patients came to neurosurgeon with history of 30,
40 years of evolution, many times yet mutilated in cause of
the convulsion crisis.
Partial convulsion originated in the temporal lobe are
common, and many of them are originate on mesials
structures (mesial temporal sclerosis). Considering that the
temporal lobe is the headquarters of nervous sistem noble
functions – memory, learning, behavior, among others –,
the symptoms may present like alterations in anyone of
Might be sticked out the necessity of correct diagnosis
and methods to make it: trough the anamnesis, magnetic
ressonanci imaging, EEG, “VÍDEO-EEG”, and sometimes
trough intracranial sensors (strips). Despite trustfull
methods to accomplish the diagnosis, candidates to
surgery and surgical methods with high success rate, the
desinformation of the professionals that attend patients
with MTE takes to prolongation of inefficients clinical
treatments, and people with physical, psycological and
social complications due to many years of temporal mesial
lobe epileptic crisis.


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