False lateralization on scalp EEG on mesial temporal epilepsy due to hippocampal sclerosis – cases report [Abstract in English]

Eliseu Paglioli Neto, Ricardo Wainberg, Otávio Freitas


Objective: To describe 3 cases in which the initial
investigation did not confirm the laterality of the seizures,
illustrating the false lateralization on scalp EEG on

Commentaries: Since the discharges of the HS are
originated from the deep brain, it would spread to the
contralateral side before get surface. However, the long-term
stimulation of the contralateral lobe would cause lesion
on this side, and seizures are triggered independently
(secondary epileptogenesis). In this case, the surgery
approach is not indicated. The invasive investigation, by
subdural strips and video-EEG monitoring, in cases of discordance of scalp EEG and MRI, are better for the
surgery indication for TLE/HS, once the operatory results
in case of bilateral focus could be catastrophic.

LOBE EPILEPSY/hippocampal sclerosis.

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