The practice of breastfeeding between adolescent mothers in Dois Córregos, São Paulo state, Brazil
[Abstract in English]

Bruna de Oliveira Filamingo, Barbara Cristina Figueiroa Lisboa, Neusa Aparecida de Sousa Basso


AIMS: To assess the rate of breastfeeding among mothers under 20 years of age in the city of Dois Corregos, Sao Paulo state, Brazil.
METHODS: Cross-sectional study of quantitative character, through a questionnaire applied at home for mothers younger than 20 years living in the city between June and December 2009.
RESULTS: We interviewed 39 mothers 14-19 years, mean age 17.8 years, being 33.4% high school graduates, 61.5% single, 89.7% primiparous, 25.6% working outside home and 71.8% with vaginal delivery. Regarding newborns, 92.3% were born at term and 74.4% with adequate weight for gestational age. Eighty-nine of the mothers breastfed their child, 74.4% fully breastfed until 4 months and 15.4% until 6 months. The duration of supplemented breastfeeding was 4-6 months for 51.4% of infants, 6-12 months for 25.6%, and more than 12 months for 12.8%. During pregnancy 87.2% of the patients received information about breastfeeding; in 48.7% the information was provided by nurses and in 38.5% by doctors.
CONCLUSIONS: The rate of breastfeeding and duration of exclusive breastfeeding were comparable to other Brazilian studies. The majority of mothers had received instructions on breast feeding, and in higher proportion the information was provided by nurses. The role of a multiprofessional team is important in caring for adolescent mothers.



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