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We have the privilege of introducing the new journal Pan American Journal of Aging Research (PAJAR), whose scope is to publish scientific research of relevance in the area of aging. PAJAR will be available solely as an onlineversion.

The publication of papers will appear as original articles, short communications, protocols, and innovative research methodologies. The publication decisionwill be based on peer review. Other formats such as review articles, expert opinions, and case reports will also be accepted for publication, althoughthese types of article will require an invitation from the editorial board. In these special situations or when a highly relevant subject emerges in the scientific community, a supplemental issue may be organized. Submissions will be exclusivelyonline.

PAJAR will be a bi-annual open-access electronic journal in English. It will benefit from a multidisciplinary Editorial Board, composed of prominent international researchers from Brazil and abroad. It is expected, therefore, to become one of the main sources of information in the scientific area of aging. PAJAR will be launched in September 2013, initially with articles selected by the Editors.

The Editorial Board of PAJAR gratefully acknowledges and appreciates the support received from the Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology (IGG-PUCRS) and the publishing house (EDIPUCRS) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul.


Geraldo Attilio De Carli

Irenio Gomes


Publicado: 2013-11-07


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