Characters in <i>Sense and Sensibility</i>: comparing novel and film

  • Patricia Maciel de Freitas


Adapting a well-known novel to the screen is never an easy task. The adaptor has to make decisions as to what will remain faithful to the novel and what needs to be transformed. Therefore, changes will always be present in any work of adaptation. This paper aims at analyzing the similarities and differences between the six main characters of Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen, and their screen versions in the 1995 adaptation of the novel, made by Emma Thompson. In order to achieve this goal we analyzed the characters in each media separately at first, comparing them afterwards. The results obtained through this analysis show us that modification did occur and that many resources were used to help the delineation of characters. The characters suffered considerable changes in spite of remaining the same in their essences.
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Freitas, P. M. de. (2009). Characters in <i>Sense and Sensibility</i>: comparing novel and film. Revista Da Graduação, 2(1). Recuperado de
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