Amalgam tattoo in a patient with prior history of melanoma: a case report


  • Luciana Giacometti PUCRS
  • Liliane Soares Yurgel PUCRS
  • Maria Antonia Figueiredo PUCRS
  • Fernanda Gonçalves Salum PUCRS
  • Karen Cherubini PUCRS


Melanoma, melanotic macule, amalgam tattoo


Purpose: Black macules on the oral mucosa may be diagnostic of melanotic macule, melanotic nevus, amalgam tattoo or oral pigmented lesions caused by endodontic sealers, vascular lesions and melanoma. The differential diagnosis of such lesions is important as melanoma may be quite serious and must be treated quickly. A case of black macule on the oral mucosa is reported here, focusing on the importance of the differential diagnosis instituted. Case description: A 56-year-old female patient with a previous history of cutaneous melanoma consulted the Stomatology Service for evaluation of a black macule on the floor of the mouth. The diagnosis was found to be amalgam tattoo, although a radiographic exam had not shown an image compatible with amalgam. Conclusion: The diagnosis of amalgam tattoo can be confirmed by the detection of a metallic fragment in a radiographic exam, a situation that dispenses with the institution of treatment. However, if such a fragment is not detected, a biopsy is necessary to rule out the diagnostic hypothesis of melanocytic neoplasia.

Author Biographies

Luciana Giacometti, PUCRS

Aluna da Graduação Faculdade de Odontologia

Liliane Soares Yurgel, PUCRS

Departamento Clínico Estomatologia

Maria Antonia Figueiredo, PUCRS

Departamento Clínico Estomatologia

Fernanda Gonçalves Salum, PUCRS

Departamento Clínico Estomatologia

Karen Cherubini, PUCRS

Departamento Clínico Estomatologia






Case Report