Dental avulsion: experience, attitudes, and perception of dental practitioners of Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil


  • Ana Flávia Granville-Garcia FO/UEPB
  • Jainara Maria Ferreira FOP/UPE
  • Valdenice Aparecida de Menezes FOC/ASCES
  • Sérgio D’Avila Bezerra Cavalcanti FO/UEPB
  • Manuela Torres Leonel FOC/ASCES
  • Alessandro Leite Cavalcanti FO/UEPB


Avulsão dentária, Traumatismos dentários, Conhecimento,


Purpose: To evaluate the level of knowledge of Brazilian dental practitioners on dental avulsion and replantation. Methods: A 14-item structured interview was used to collect data from 148 dentists, members of a dental association in the city of Caruaru, Pernambuco, in the Northeast region of Brazil. Data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics (Fisher’s exact test and Pearson’s chi-square test) at the 0.5 level of significance. Results: In this sample, 49.3% of the dentists had up to 10 years of professional experience, 46.1% worked in public and private institutions, and 50.7% reported graduate education. For avulsed deciduous teeth, 40.3% of the dentists would not perform dental replantation, but most practitioners (92.3%) would do it for permanent teeth, and the professional experience was not a significant factor. Semi-rigid wiring was the most frequent type of dental splinting indicated by dentists with short- and long-term professional experience (74.7% and 64.1%, respectively). Conclusion: In this sample, most dentists were aware of the basic procedures to be followed in case of dental avulsion of deciduous and permanent teeth independently from their professional experience.

Author Biographies

Ana Flávia Granville-Garcia, FO/UEPB

Mestre em clínicas Odontológicas-Odontopediatria pela UFRGS; Doutora em Odontopediatria pela FOP/UPE; Professora de Odontopediatria da FOC/ASCES

Jainara Maria Ferreira, FOP/UPE

Mestre em Odontologia Clínica Infantil pela FO/UFPB; Doutoranda em Odontopediatria pela FOP/UPE

Valdenice Aparecida de Menezes, FOC/ASCES

Mestre em Odontopediatria pela FOB/USP;Doutora em Odontopediatria pela FOP/UPE

Sérgio D’Avila Bezerra Cavalcanti, FO/UEPB

Mestre em Saúde Coletiva pela FO/UFF; Doutor em Saúde Coletiva pela FOP/UPE

Manuela Torres Leonel, FOC/ASCES

Cirurgiã-Dentista Graduada pela FOC/ASCES

Alessandro Leite Cavalcanti, FO/UEPB

Mestre em Odontopediatria pela FO/USP; Doutor em Estomatologia pela FO/UFPB






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