Efficacy of calcium hydroxide dressing in endodontic infection treatment: a systematic review


  • Carlos Estrela
  • Daniel de Almeida Decurcio
  • Ana Helena Gonçalves de Alencar
  • Gilson Blitzkow Sydney
  • Julio Almeida Silva


Calcium hydroxide, intracanal dressing, endodontic infection, apical periodontitis, systematic review


Pupose: To perform a systematic review of the efficacy of calcium hydroxide (CH) dressing prepared with different vehicles on the treatment of teeth with endodontic infection. Methods: Search strategies included electronic search in databases (MEDLINE, EMBASE, CENTRAL) from 1966 to January 2007 and manual search in endodontic journals and references of previously selected studies. The following terms were used: calcium hydroxide, chlorhexidine, root canal infection, faecalis, intracanal dressing, endodontic infection, intracanal medicament, paramonochlorophenol, para monochlorophenol, and p-monochlorophenol. Results: From the 71 in vivo studies retrieved, five clinical studies met the inclusion criteria. Saline solution was the vehicle of CH dressing in all five included studies, and only one study compared saline versus chlorhexidine as vehicles of CH dressing. From a total of 130 teeth with endodontic infection, 39 teeth (30%) had remaining microorganisms after sanitation and CH dressing with saline. Conclusion: Adequate sanitation and CH dressing with saline vehicle reduce microorganisms in teeth with endodontic infection. Key words: Calcium hydroxide; intracanal dressing; endodontic infection; apical periodontitis; systematic review




Literature Review