Gingival inflammation in relation to class V restoration finishing


  • Nazie Said Abboud
  • Fábio Herrmann Coelho-de-Souza
  • Celso Afonso Klein-Júnior
  • Leonardo Maciel Campos
  • Flávio Fernando Demarco
  • Guilherme Brião Camacho


Dental restoration, gingival inflammation, surface finishing


Purpose: This study evaluated the presence of gingival inflammation related to class V restorations and its association with surface finishing and restoration adaptation. Methods: The sample was composed by 17 dental patients with no modifiers of periodontal disease. Exclusion criteria comprised subjects under current periodontal treatment or those who completed periodontal treatment less than three months before. All subjects were examined by two examiners in a blind design. Examiner 1 inspected the buccal gingival margin of teeth with class V restorations and the mesial and distal adjacent teeth by means of manual probing. Examiner 2 evaluated the restoration in relation to surface finishing and roughness, and presence/absence of filling overextension. Results: The results were not statistically significant (Chi-square test and Fisher test, P>0.05). Conclusions: No significant association was found between presence of filling overextension and gingival inflammation, or between inflammation and quality of restoration surface. Key words: Dental restoration; gingival inflammation; surface finishing




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