Association between maternal social and dental characteristics and dental caries in the child first dentition


  • Cristina Berger Fadel
  • Danielly Marisa Wagner
  • Eliza Mara Furlan


Dental caries, children, first dentition


Purpose: This research sought to investigate the association between maternal social and dental variables and child dental caries. Methods: The sample was composed by 61 pairs of mothers and children attending the Pediatric dental clinics of the Ponta Grossa State University/PR. Data on social and dental variables were collected through interviews and clinical examination. Results: Regarding the social maternal characteristics, marital status and educational level were the most important variables (75% of single mothers and 80% of mothers with incomplete basic education level had children with caries experience). In relation to maternal dental characteristics, 90% of the mothers had some need for dental treatment, and 64% of those mothers had children with dental caries. Conclusion: The results suggest that the presence of dental caries in children is associated with negative maternal social and dental characteristics. Key words: Dental caries; children; first dentition




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