Influence of low power laser (GaAlAs – λ830nm) on bone formation related to primary stability in type IV bone


  • Marco Antônio Rambo Osório Torres PUCRS
  • Eduardo Rolim Teixeira PUCRS


Laser, implants, histomorphometry, primary stability


Purpose: This in vivo study using post mortem histomorphometrical analysis evaluated the influence of low power laser on bone formation around implants related to primary stability in type IV bone. Methods: Six white New Zealand rabbits received four implants each: two with monocortical anchorage and two with bicortical anchorage, in tibia-bones. The laser group was irradiated with GaAIAs – λ830nm laser in three points around the implants, at 48-hour intervals during 15 days, with a 24J/cm2 treatment dose per tibia. The control group was subjected to the same routine but the laser equipment was turned off. After 30 days all animals were subjected to euthanasia. Histological sections were obtained to evaluate the percentage of bone-to-implant contact (%COI). Results: No statistically significant difference (Student t-test, P>0.05) was found between laser and control groups for either monocortical anchorage (73%±9 and 62%±15) or bicortical anchorage (81%±10 and 77%±21). The histomorphometrical analysis suggested that laser might improve %COI in implants with lower primary stability. The irradiated group presented greater vascular and lamellar organization, suggesting higher maturation than the control group, independently from stability. Conclusion: Laser application had no significant effect on % COI. However, the largest difference between laser and control groups always occurred in implants with lower primary stability. Key words: Laser; implants; histomorphometry; primary stability

Author Biographies

Marco Antônio Rambo Osório Torres, PUCRS

Programa de Pós-graduação em Odontologia da PUCRS Mestrado em Odontologia - Concentração em Prótese Dentária

Eduardo Rolim Teixeira, PUCRS

Professor da área de Prótese Dentária do Mestrado em Odontologia da PUCRS






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