Comparative study of adhesive systems applied to different regions of dental substrate


  • Veridiana Camilotti State University of West Parana
  • Virgínia Bosquiroli State University of West Parana
  • Máx Dobrovolski State University of West Parana
  • Mario Alexandre Coelho Sinhoretic Piracicaba Dental School
  • Priscilla Busatoa do Monte Ribeiro State University of West Parana
  • Lyvia Karla Cerci Ferreira Bertacchinib State University of West Parana
  • Márcio José Mendonça State University of West Parana



Self-etching adhesive, Bond strength, Bovine dentin


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the bond strength (BS) of different self-etching adhesive systems to bovine dentin.
METHODS: For this purpose, 50 teeth were flattened with silicon carbide abrasive papers and randomly divided into 5 groups: SB – Single Bond Plus; Group AEO – Adper Easy One; Group ADH – AdheSE; Group ASE – Adper SE Plus and Group Clear – Clear Fill. After adhesive system application, 5 Tygon cylinders (1.8 mm×2 mm) were placed on the vestibular surface of each tooth, filled with resin composite (Filtek Z350) and light activated. Three composite resin cylinders were fabricated for each bovine crown, one being located in the incisal region, one in the middle third and one in the cervical region, totaling 30 composite resin test specimens (TS) for each group. The TS were submitted to the microshear bond strength test in a Universal Test Machine  Kratos), at a cross-head speed of 0.5 mm/min.
RESULTS: The BS was calculated and analyzed by ANOVA (one-way) and Tukey’s test (p<0.05). The highest BS values were obtained in Group SB and there were no significant differences between the adhesive systems tested in the middle and cervical thirds. In the fracture type analysis it was found that adhesive failure was dominant for all groups.
CONCLUSION: The conventional two-step adhesive system SB presented the highest bond strength mean to bovine dentin for all the regions.


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