Incidence of fibrinolytic alveolitis, acute infection, edema, and pain longer than two days after dental extraction


  • Marcelo Carlos Bortoluzzi
  • Rafael Manfro
  • Vilson Poggere
  • Rafael Dlugokenski Silva


Fibrinolytic alveolitis, dry socket, alveolitis sicca, dental surgery, dental infection, pain


Purpose: This is a prospective, observational, and descriptive study on the incidence of fibrinolytic alveolitis (FA), acute infection (AI), edema, and pain longer than two days (P2D) after dental extraction surgery. Methods: The sample comprised 80 surgical cases of dental extraction performed by dental students of the University of Oeste de Santa Catarina. The following complications were recorded: 2 cases of FA (2.5%), 2 cases of AI (2.5%), 8 cases of relevant edema (10%), and 8 cases of pain that persisted longer than 2 days after surgery (10%). Results: A Chi-square test showed significant association between osteotomy and FA development (P=0.001), and between P2D (P=0.02) and edema (P=0.01). The report of difficult or traumatic tooth removal was related with FA development (P=0.01), P2D (P < 0.001), and edema (P < 0.001). Conclusion: The results suggest that FA, edema, and P2D were related with more traumatic or difficult tooth removal and performance of osteotomy in this sample. Key words: Fibrinolytic alveolitis; dry socket; alveolitis sicca; dental surgery; dental infection; pain






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