Editorial – Is the future of aviation in space?


  • Ana Eliza Pereira Bocorny PUCRS
  • Cristiane Krause Kilian PUCRS
  • Thais Russomano PUCRS



Author Biography

Ana Eliza Pereira Bocorny, PUCRS

Ana holds a Doctor’s Degree in Languages (2008) from UFRGS, an MA in Education (1998) from PUCRS. She studied ESP at Lancaster University (1992) and holds a degree in Languages (1988) from PUCRS. She is currently an assistant professor at the Aeronautical Sciences College (PUCRS). She leads a Research Group on Knowledge Management, Specialized Language Processing and Technology and is responsible for the Language and Aviation Research Line from the Aeronautical Sciences Research Group. She is currently editor in chief of AVIATION IN FOCUS – Journal of Aeronautical Sciences and a Board Member of the International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA).