Oral lichenoid lesions associated with amalgam restorations: report of two cases


  • Marília Oliveira Barbosa UFPel
  • Adriana Fernandes da Silva Universidade Federal de Pelotas
  • Rodrigo Varella de Carvalho UNOPAr
  • Sandra Beatriz Chaves Tarquinio UFPel
  • Flávio Fernando Demarco UFPel


Lichenoid eruptions, oral mucosa, permanent dental restoration, dental amalgam


Purpose: Dental amalgam has been used as a dental restoration for more than 165 years. However, some patients with these restorations may present oral lichenoid lesions (OLL). OLL are chronic oral mucosal contact reactions to dental amalgam. Their diagnosis usually is based on the direct contact of the affected mucosa with the amalgam restorations, clinical appearance, and lack of migrations. A patch-test for mercury can be performed to confirm the diagnosis. Case description: Two clinical cases were diagnosed as related to OLL. In both cases, the patients complained of a burning sensation in the oral mucosa adjacent to the amalgam restorations. The treatment involved replacing the amalgam restorations by composite. A complete remission of the painful symptoms was observed after 17 days in one case and after one month in the other, although the lesions in the oral mucosa did not disappear completely. Conclusion: Dentists should be aware of OLL occurrence close to amalgam restorations and should be able to diagnose it and recommend the best treatment option.

Author Biography

Adriana Fernandes da Silva, Universidade Federal de Pelotas

Departamento de Dentística Conservadora da FO/UFPel






Case Report