Mineral trioxide aggregate as an apical plug in infected immature teeth: a case series

  • Matheus Albino Souza PUCRS
  • Joao Vicente Barbizam UPF
  • Douglas Cecchin
  • Roberta Kochenborger Scarparo PUCRS
Keywords: Apexification, Endodontics, pulp necrosis, root canal filling


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to present three clinical cases of infected immature teeth that were treated by using mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as an apical plug. Cases Description: All cases underwent premature interruption of root development as consequence of pulp necrosis. Root canals were instrumented by using chlorhexidine gel 2% (CHX) as auxiliary chemical substance. A paste of calcium hydroxide and CHX was kept for one week as intracanal dressing. In a second appointment, the apical portion of the canals (3-4 mm) was filled with MTA. The remaining portions of the root canals were then obturated by the thermomechanical technique by utilizing gutta-percha condensers and a zinc oxide and eugenol-based root canal sealer. Follow-up periods at both 6 months and 1 year showed radiographic favorable response and absence of symptoms. Conclusion: MTA seems to be nowadays, an interesting option of treatment for cases of immature teeth with the advantage of shorter treatment approaches.

Author Biography

Roberta Kochenborger Scarparo, PUCRS
Cirurgiã- Dentista UFRGS Especialista em Endodontia ABO-RS Mestre em Clínica Odontológica UFRGS Professora Substituta Faculdade de Odontologia da UFRGS Professora dos cursos de especialização em Endodontia da UFRGS e do Hospital de Aeronáutica de Canoas
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