The relationship between nasopharyngeal tonsil size and laboratory markers in children infected with HIV


  • Michella Dinah Zastrow UNISUL
  • Liliane Janete Grando Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
  • Aroldo Prohmann de Carvalho UFSC
  • Inês Beatriz da Silva Rath UFSC
  • Maria Cristina Calvo UFSC


HIV, pediatric AIDS, adenoids, lateral cephalometric radiograph


Purpose: The enlargement of nasopharyngeal tonsils, which leads to nasal obstruction and subsequent mouth breathing, can be caused by the presence of HIV. The aim of this research was to study nasopharyngeal tonsil sizes in HIV-infected children ranging from 6 to 13 years and to relate these findings to CD4+ T-cell counts and viral loads. Methods: Sixty children with HIV (mean age: 9 years and 8 months), infected by vertical transmission, had the sizes of their nasopharynx measured using lateral cephalometric radiographs, specifically focusing on the anatomical areas occupied by the nasopharyngeal tonsils. The children’s medical records were analyzed to assess information about TCD4+ lymphocyte count (%) and viral loads (log10). Results: The mean value for the nasopharyngeal tonsil size percentage was 70.37%±14.07%. All of the children showed moderate or accentuated hypertrophy of nasopharyngeal tonsils. The average percentage of CD4+ T-cells among the 60 HIV-infected children was 35.01%±10.76%, whereas the mean value for the viral load was 3.35±1.08 log10. Conclusion: There was no association between the size percentages of the nasopharyngeal tonsils (calculated against overall nasopharynx sizes) and CD4+ T-cell percentage (r=-0.0136; P=0.298) or the viral load log10 (r=-0.033; P=0.805).

Author Biographies

Michella Dinah Zastrow, UNISUL

Mestre em Radiologia Professora de Radiologia e de Estomatologia Curso de Odontologia Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina Tubarão, SC

Liliane Janete Grando, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Mestre em Odontopediatria pela UFSC Doutora em Estomatologia pela PUCRS Professora de Patologia Bucal e do Ambulatório de Estomatologia do HU/UFSC Florianopolis, SC

Aroldo Prohmann de Carvalho, UFSC

Dr, Professor de Pediatria Médico da Equipe de Infectologia Pediátrica Hospital Infantil Joana de Gusmão Florianopolis, SC

Inês Beatriz da Silva Rath, UFSC

Mestre e Dra em Odontopediatria pela UFSC Coordenadora do Curso de Odontologia da UFSC Florianópolis, SC

Maria Cristina Calvo, UFSC

Dra Professora do Departamento de Saúde Pública da UFSC Florianópolis, SC






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