Characteristics and distribution of dental anomalies in a Brazilian cleft population

  • Luciane Macedo de Menezes PUCRS
  • Susana Maria Deon Rizzatto PUCRS
  • Fabiane Azeredo PUCRS
  • Diogo Antunes Vargas PUCRS
Keywords: Cleft Palate, anodontia, tooth, supernumerary, epidemiology


Purpose: To determine the prevalence of dental anomalies in 200 cleft patients undergoing orthodontic treatment at the Cleft Rehabilitation Center (CERLAP) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Methods: Data regarding patient age, race, gender, cleft type (lip and alveolus, complete lip and palate, or cleft palate), affected side (unilateral or bilateral), agenesis and supernumerary teeth in both arches were assessed from orthodontic records comprised by panoramic, cephalometric, occlusal, and periapical radiographs, study models, intra- and extraoral photographs, obtained at the beginning of the treatment, providing needed information to make an accurate diagnosis of dental anomalies. The collected data were registered in spreadsheets. Results: The mean patient age was 13.5 years old; 86% were white; and 57% male. Complete cleft lip and palate was found at a higher frequency (83%); the left side was most affected (48.5%). Agenesis were found in 66.5% of patients. Maxillary lateral incisors were the most absent teeth (78.5%). Supernumerary teeth were found in 35.5% of patients. Conclusion: Male individuals demonstrated a greater tendency to present clefts and manifest both agenesis and supernumerary teeth. Complete cleft lip and palate prevailed, and the left maxillary lateral incisor was the most absent tooth. Supernumeraries were located distally to the cleft.

Author Biographies

Luciane Macedo de Menezes, PUCRS
Department of Preventive Dentistry - Orthodontics
Susana Maria Deon Rizzatto, PUCRS
Department of Preventive Dentistry - Orthodontics
Fabiane Azeredo, PUCRS
Department of Preventive Dentistry - Orthodontics
Diogo Antunes Vargas, PUCRS
Department of Preventive Dentistry - Orthodontics
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