Osteomuscular disorders and related factors in dental surgeons from the Central West region of Santa Catarina state


  • Avrum Kotliarenko
  • Edgard Michel Crosato USP/SP
  • Maria Gabriela Haye Biazevic
  • Edgard Crosato
  • Paulo Roberto da Silva


Cumulative trauma disorders, occupational health, labor force


Purpose: The aim of this study was to record the prevalence of osteomuscular disorders in dental surgeons and to test their association with demographic and occupational factors. Methods: Data were collected using a cross-sectional study design. A self-applied questionnaire was delivered to 153 dental surgeons who worked in the Central West region of Santa Catarina State, Brazil. The instrument was based on two questionnaires translated into Portuguese language and validated previously: the SRQ-20 “Self-Reported Questionnaire” and the NMQ “Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire”. Demographic and occupational variables also were collected. Data were analyzed by using uni- and multivariate logistic regression at the significance level of 0.05. Results: A total of 142 (93%) dental surgeons declared to have had osteomuscular disorders as a consequence of their professional activity in the past year. The spinal column and pain in the shoulders were the main complaints comprising 107 (70%) and 99 (65%) of the interviewed professionals, respectively. Conclusion: The prevalence of osteomuscular disorders was high in this sample and was mainly associated with some demographic and occupational variables.

Author Biography

Edgard Michel Crosato, USP/SP

Prof. Dr. do Departamento de Odontologia Social da Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade de São Paulo.






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