Laminate veneers: mimetizing nature through anatomical remodeling – case report


  • Dayla Thyeme Higashi Maringá State University
  • Márcio Grama Hoeppner Londrina State University
  • Raquel Sano Suga Terada Maringá State University
  • Mariana Paizana Iris parananense university
  • Renato Batista Cogo parananense university



dental restoration, esthetics, diastema.


OBJECTIVE: Dental aesthetics is one of the areas of dentistry that has most advanced in terms of procedures, techniques and materials. Changes in color, shape, and texture are commonly cited as grounds for complaint, which are sometimes characterized by details, making the work challenging. The objective of this work is to report the planning and execution of a clinical case of smile harmonization with ceramic laminates for remodeling smile.
CASE DESCRITION: A male patient consulted a specialist to refine the appearance of his smile that already had a satisfactory pattern of color and texture. The planning was started using digital smile planning, followed by diagnostic waxing of the elements involved. The planning approval took place through the Mock up. The dental grinding performed was minimal and followed a silicone wear guide. The pieces were made in lithium disilicate and installed under absolute isolation according to the cementing protocol of the material. The finishing and polishing completed the installation of the pieces, removing excesses and guaranteeing periodontal compatibility.
CONCLUSION: We conclude that indirect aesthetic treatments currently have a minimally invasive character and are highly accepted due to their ability to remodel the smile with perfection and naturalness.

Author Biographies

Dayla Thyeme Higashi, Maringá State University

PhD student

Márcio Grama Hoeppner, Londrina State University

Associate Professor

Raquel Sano Suga Terada, Maringá State University

associate professor

Mariana Paizana Iris, parananense university

dentistry student

Renato Batista Cogo, parananense university

dentistry student


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