Periodontal aspects in patients wearing removable partial dentures

  • Paulo Maurício Silva Faculdade de odontologia de Bauru
  • Vinícius Carvalho Porto Faculdade de Odontologia de Bauru
  • Wellington Cardoso Bonachella Faculdade de Oontologia de Bauru
Keywords: Dental plaque, Periodontics, removable partial denture


This literature review aimed to analyze the effect of removable partial dentures (RPD) on periodontal health and especially on plaque accumulation. Observation of patients wearing RPDs revealed that partial dentures are related to increased retention of dental plaque, and poor hygiene of teeth and dentures worsens these problems. Periodontal disease is more frequent in the maxilla, which is more susceptible to development of periodontal pockets due to its bone quality. Formation of dental plaque is initiated along the denture clasps toward the contact between teeth and clasps. Plaque accumulation is increased between clasps and gingiva, especially at the approximal surfaces of distal extension dentures compared to dental buccal surfaces. There is less plaque accumulation depending on RPD design, since gingival coverage of abutment teeth and use of gingival access increase plaque retention on abutments. Residual supports may be fabricated on periodontally compromised teeth, which present the mechanical advantage to displace the force application point to a gingival region closer to the tooth fulcrum. Therefore, RPDs may be considered highly effective appliances, since general and specific oral hygiene instructions are properly provided by the dentist, combined with regular follow-up. Key words: Dental plaque; Periodontics; removable partial denture
Literature Review