Aesthetic rehabilitation through dentogingival prosthesis for patients with high smile line

  • Amanda Mahammad Mushashe Universidade Positivo
  • Leonardo Fernandes da Cunha Universidade Positivo
  • Carlos Eduardo Edwards Rezende Universidade Positivo
  • Carla Castiglia Gonzaga Universidade Positivo
  • Gisele Maria Correr Universidade Positivo
Keywords: dental esthetics, fixed partial denture, mouth rehabilitation.


OBJECTIVE: This report aimed to present a case of functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of anterior maxillary region through dentogingival prosthesis in a patient with high smile line.
CASE DESCRIPTION: Patient female, 65 years old, had aesthetic complaints related to fixed partial denture from upper left canine to upper right lateral incisor. The patient reported loss of upper central incisors due to periodontal disease progression. Clinical and radiographic examination showed marginal leakage, discrepancy in teeth proportion, dental inclination and alignment, and excessive prolongation of the cervical-incisal direction, plus a resorbed alveolar ridge, in both volume and height, in the described area. Faced with these conditions, it was decided to perform a fixed partial dentogingival denture, restoring harmony and smile functionality.
CONCLUSION: After a 1-year follow up, maintenance of functional and aesthetic aspects of the prosthesis was observed.

Author Biographies

Amanda Mahammad Mushashe, Universidade Positivo
Operative Dentistry Area
Leonardo Fernandes da Cunha, Universidade Positivo
Operative Dentistry Area
Carlos Eduardo Edwards Rezende, Universidade Positivo
Operative Dentistry Area
Carla Castiglia Gonzaga, Universidade Positivo
Operative Dentistry Area
Gisele Maria Correr, Universidade Positivo
Operative Dentistry Area


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