Traumatic bone cyst – report of a case diagnosed after orthodontic treatment


  • Andrea Fonseca Jardim da Motta
  • Sandra Regina Torres
  • Antonio Carlos de Azeredo Coutinho


traumatic bone cyst, diagnosis, radiography, orthodontic treatment


Traumatic bone cyst is an uncommon lesion that may be incidentally diagnosed in routine dental treatment. Clinical features may comprehend asymptomatic lesion, with no bone expansion, most commonly located on the posterior mandible area. The lesion affects most often patients on second decade of life. Radiographically traumatic bone cyst it is manifested as a well-defined radiolucent area with a festooned pattern around the apexes of the adjacent teeth. Routine radiographies play an important role in diagnosing this lesion. In most of the cases the diagnosis is confirmed by the finding of an empty cavity during surgical management. Simple exploration of the cyst may be the curative procedure for this lesion. The present study reports a clinic case in which traumatic bone cyst had been diagnosed during final documentation at the end of the orthodontic treatment. UNITERMS: traumatic bone cyst; diagnosis; radiography; orthodontic treatment.




Case Report