Radiographic evaluation of the root canal obturation


  • Hamilton Luiz Junqueira Ferreira
  • Marcos Vinícius Queiroz de Paula
  • Simone Maria Regone Guimarães


endodontic assessment, quality assurance, root canal obturation


The evaluation of the results of the endodontic treatments is important component of the treatment plan. This work has the purpose of evaluating the radiographic image of the root canal fillings of 70 periapical full mouth radiographs of the patients of the clinic of Radiology of the Dental School of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora-MG (UFJF). The results demonstrate that, of the 217 analyzed teeth, based on the criteria proposed by Gutmann (1992), 56,69% were radiographically considered as successful treatment. UNITERMS: endodontic assessment; quality assurance; root canal obturation.




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