Evaluation of the storage and preservation means of toothbrushes used by preschool


  • Prisciane Gisele Coutinho
  • Priscila Bittar
  • Rafael Gomes Ditterich
  • Marcia Cristina Rastelli
  • Marissol C. M. O. Vasconcellos Romanelli
  • Denise Stadler Wambier


toothbrushing, oral hygiene, child day care centers


The inappropriate storage of toothbrushes generally is responsible for the transmission of microorganisms and diseases. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the storage and preservation means of toothbrush used by preschool children. The study subjects consisted of 992 preschool children (45 classrooms of 13 public Child day care centers from Ponta Grossa-PR). The analysis of the storage means for toothbrush was carried through, considering the material used in the confection of the storage, the presence of identification on the brushes and individuality of the brushes inside the storage. The analysis was carried through by only one researcher. The results showed that in relation to storage means, 28.9% of the containers were made of plastic, 24.4% of fabric re-covered with plastic, 13.3% cardboard and 8.9% only fabric. In relation to preservation and identification, 73.3% of the toothbrushes were stored with others and in humid places, 31.1% did not present individual identification and in 32.3% the identification was unreadable. Moreover, 87.2% of these toothbrushes presented residues. It was concluded that the great part of the brushes had inadequate form of storage. The results of this study suggest that is necessary greater information to the educators regarding the storage, washing and drying of dental brushes of the preschool children. UNITERMS: toothbrushing; oral hygiene; child day care centers.






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