Comparative study of the degree of inclination of third molars based on Altonen, Haavikko, Mattila’s and Puricelli’s tracings on panoramic radiographs


  • Tatiana Wahl Hennigen
  • Edela Puricelli
  • Susana Deon Rizzatto
  • Eduardo Silveira Ferreira


panoramic radiography, mandibular growth, third molars


The aim of the present investigation was to compare the measurements obtained based on two tracings (Altonen, Haavikko and Mattila versus Puricelli) conducted on panoramic radiographs at two moments of root formation, as to their compatibility with the degree of inclination the lower third molars in relation to the second molars. Thus, the following measurements were compared: the β angle of Altonen, Haavikko and Mattila with the corresponding γ angle of Puricelli, parameters that indicate the relationship of the lower third molars to the second molars. Based on the results presented and discussed in the present study, and based on the method employed, it is concluded that tracings differ but also show a positive correlation. UNITERMS: panoramic radiography; mandibular growth; third molars.






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