Aesthetic perception of dental fluorosis: a case report of dizygotic twins

  • Loliza Luiz Figueiredo Chalub UFMG
  • Carolina de Castro Martins UFMG
  • Saul Martins Paiva UFMG
Keywords: Dental fluorosis, dental esthetics, twins, dizygotic, toothpaste


Purpose: The aim of this study was to present a case report of two 8-year-old female patients, dizygotics twins, with different degrees of dental fluorosis, investigate the fluoride sources they were exposed to, and assess the esthetic perception of dental fluorosis. Case description: Clinical examination was performed at home, during day-time, under artificial light, using the Thylstrup & Fejerskov Index (TFI). One twin presented fluorosis degree 2 (P(1)) and her sister presented degree 4 (P(2)) in the central incisors. Their mother reported that P(2) used to swallow more fluoridated dentifrice during tooth brushing than P(1) under the age of 3 year-old. In relation to the esthetic perception of fluorosis, the mother considered that the teeth with degree 4 were more esthetic than the teeth with degree 2. Conclusion: The pediatric dentist should be able to correctly diagnose dental fluorosis and have knowledge on appropriate treatment techniques. However, it is necessary to consider and respect the patients’ perception on esthetics and their own desires. Key words: Dental fluorosis; dental esthetics; twins, dizygotic; toothpaste; Pediatric Dentistry

Author Biographies

Loliza Luiz Figueiredo Chalub, UFMG
Cirurgiã-dentista graduada pela UFMG
Carolina de Castro Martins, UFMG
Mestre em Odontopediatria pela FO-UFMG
Saul Martins Paiva, UFMG
Professor Adjunto de Odontopediatria da Faculdade de Odontologia da UFMG; Doutor em Odontopediatria pela USP
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