Osteoradionecrosis resulting in pathological fracture of jaw: relate of clinical case

  • Ana Claudia Amorim Gomes
  • Ivo Cavalcante Pita Neto
  • Daniela Guimarães Melo
  • Emanuel Dias
Keywords: osteoradionecrosis, radiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy


Introduction: Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) is a severe complication of the radiotherapy patients of cancer of head and neck. Depending on the localization and extension of the injury, it can bring signals and symptoms as pain, fetid odor, dysgeusia, dysesthesia or anesthesia, trismus, difficulty of chew, deglutition and phonation, formation of fistula, pathological fracture and local infection or systemic. Purpose: The present work had as objective to tell a clinical case of a carrying patient of osteoradionecrosis in mandibular body, with infection presence that resulted in mandibular pathological fracture. Development of the case: Rigorous schema of antibiotic therapy had been carried through, associates the hyperbaric oxigenoterapy to allow to the treatment of the mandibular fracture with rigid internal setting after the treatment of the secondary infection, in the intention to eliminate osteoradionecrosis, which in the case in question had repairing and absence of any radiograph clinical signal of return, in a accompaniment of one year of postoperative. Conclusion: Ahead of the severity of the illness, depleted the possibilities conservatives and ahead of a surgical necessity for the pathological fracture, it could be observed that the use of the hyperbaric oxigenotherapy resulted in a satisfactory healing of the surgical wound, as well as the maintenance of the health of tissue in the case in question. UNITERMS: osteoradionecrosis; radiotherapy; hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Case Report