Ernest's syndrome: literature review

  • José Lacet de Lima Júnior
  • Túlio Neves de Araujo
  • Evaldo Sales Honfi Júnior
  • Eduardo Dias Ribeiro
  • Luciana Barbosa Sousa de Lucena
  • Clóvis Marzola
Keywords: jaw diseases, temporomandibular joint disorders, stylomandibular ligament


The Ernest syndrome, orofacial pain component, is characterized by the inflammation of the stylomandibular ligament. The radiograph exam is not essential in the diagnosis of this syndrome, but some authors suggest a possible calcification of this ligament. An adequate history, the palpitation of the insertion of the stylomandibular ligament and an anesthetic block of the affected insertion can be very useful in the diagnosis. The objective of this study is to realize a literary review of this syndrome, as to enlarge the knowledge of its etiology, symptoms, differential diagnosis and treatment. Conclued that in spite of the similarities with other orofacial pain, the Ernest’s Syndrome have symptoms that can be differentiate. About the laser’s use and the therapeutic effectiveness, suggests that it’s can be used separately or as supporting in conventional treatments, mainly for their analgesic actions, antiinflammatory and tecidual reparation. UNITERMS: jaw diseases; temporomandibular joint disorders; stylomandibular ligament
Literature Review