Occlusal surface optical density measurement in digitized radiographs and the presence of caries in deciduous molars


  • Giovana Martins Cezar Dutra
  • Patrícia Wienandts
  • Nilza Pereira da Costa
  • Fernando Borba de Araujo


dental caries, digital dental radiography, primary dentition


The aim of this study was to evaluate two methods of optical density measurement in a group of second deciduous molars and to relate the presence of dentine caries in the occlusal surface with the values obtained with de optical density measurement by two different computer softwares. With this purpose, 28 standardized radiographs were digitized and evaluated by two different softwares, in order to obtain the optical density measurement. The results obtained with the software Digora® for Windows 2.1 were compared with the ones obtained with the software Image Tool for Windows 3.0. The numbers found with the optical density measurement were compared with the teeth sections exam on the stereomicroscope. There were no differences between the values of optical density measurement found in both softwares, Digora and Image Tool. The optical density measured in teeth without occlusal caries lesions in dentine were different from the one measured in those with occlusal caries lesions in dentine (p = 0.035). On the other hand, with the results obtained in this study, it was not possible to establish optical density values corresponding to occlusal surfaces with or without caries lesions in dentine. UNITERMS: dental caries; digital dental radiography; primary dentition

Author Biographies

Giovana Martins Cezar Dutra

Especialista em Odontopediatria pela FO-UFRGS.

Patrícia Wienandts

Mestre em Odontopediatria pela FO-UFRGS.

Nilza Pereira da Costa

Professora Titular de Radiologia da FOPUCRS.

Fernando Borba de Araujo

Professor Adjunto de Odontopediatria da FO-UFRGS.






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