Radiographic analysis of the proximity of the molar roots to the inferior alveolar nerve


  • Paulo Sérgio Batista
  • Marina de Oliveira Ribas
  • Mariana Subtil Marçal
  • Sérgio Aparecido Ignácio


radiograph, mandibular nerve


The mandibular canal direction, according to the lower border of mandible, is lateralinferior with an anterior superior concavity presenting a close relationship between itself and the apexes of the inferior molars. The aim of this research was to radiographically analyse the relationship of the proximity of molars to the mandibular canal as well as to observe clinically the difficulty of extraction of the inferior third molar according to its position in dental arch. A hundred and fifty panoramic x-rays, from PUCPR Dental Clinic, were analysed by meansuring the distance between the apexes and the roof of mandibular canal with an caliper ruler. Applying the Paired Samples Correlations and the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks tests (p > 0,05) it was constated a significative positive correlation when the roots of molars were analised independently and compared with their contralateral homonymous. It could be conclued, by the researched sampe, that the difficulty of third molars extraction is relied on types of dental inclusion once the tarjet of mandibular canal is simetric bilaterally. UNITERMS: mandibular canal; inferior molars; inferior alveolar nerve; panoramic x-ray

Author Biographies

Paulo Sérgio Batista

Doutor em Cirurgia e Traumatologia Bucomaxilofacial pela PUCRS e Professor adjunto da disciplina de Anatomia do curso de graduação em Odontologia da PUCPR, Brasil.

Marina de Oliveira Ribas

Doutora em Estomatologia pela PUCRS – Brasil e professora adjunta da disciplina de Cirurgia e Traumatologia Bucomaxilofacial do curso de graduação em Odontologia da PUCPR, Brasil.

Mariana Subtil Marçal

Cirurgiã-dentista graduada pela PUCPR, Brasil.

Sérgio Aparecido Ignácio

Doutor em Estatística e Professor adjunto da Faculdade de Odontologia da PUCPR, Brasil.






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