Photography in pediatric dentistry: basis and applications

  • Stefanie Bressan Werle Faculty of Serra Gaúcha
  • Fabiane Piva Lutheran University of Brazil
  • Cristiane Assunção Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Lizandra Ferrari Guimarães Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Fernando Borba de Araújo Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Fábio Herrmann Coelho-de-Souza Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Keywords: Photography, Child, Diagnosis.


There is a lack in the literature regarding the production of digital images in pediatric dentistry. Some technical difficulties on the obtaining the image, such as reduced size of the oral cavity, behavioral aspects and clinical time are important features that may compromise the image quality as well as the clinical procedure. The perfect photograph is pediatric dentistry could be difficult, because repetitions can compromise the management of the child patient. However, programs and tools of images editing can be used to improve the photograph. The aim of this review was to clarify the applications of photography in pediatric dentistry. Moreover, concepts of production and images storage, the child management, adapted equipments, ethical considerations, indications of photography for research and as a diagnosis method were addressed.

Author Biography

Stefanie Bressan Werle, Faculty of Serra Gaúcha
Mestranda em Ciências Odontológicas - Odontopediatria


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