Radiographic bone density analysis of rats submitted to cronical alcoholism using digital image

  • Alan Roger dos Santos Silva
  • Ana Carolina Prado Ribeiro
  • Leda Maria Pescinini Salzedas
  • Ana Maria Pires Soubhia
  • Maria Lucia Maçal Mazza Sundefeld


The cronical effect of alcoholism on bone density is little known. The purpose of this study was to evaluate radiographic bone density of rats submitted to cronical alcoholism using Digora’s digital image system. Twenty animals (Rattus norvegicus, albinus, Wistar) were used and divided in control and experimental group. The animals of experimental group received sugar cane brandy ad libitum in growing concentrations: 30% during ten days, 60% during 10 days and pure sugar cane brandy for 40 days. All animals were sacrificed after 60 days. Digital images were obtained from the right femurs of each animal and the radiographic density measured on the medium third and femur’s condyle. The obtained values were analyzed by the Student’s t test and significant difference between the groups were find at the medium third (p = 0,04) and femur’s condyle (p = 0,01). These results indicate reduced values of radiographic bone density at medium third and femur’s condyle of the animals submitted to cronical alcoholism.
UNITERMS: bone densitometry; radiographic optical density; alcoholism; digital image.
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