Pulp vitality test on teeth having orthodontics brackets: technique presentation

  • Fernando Branco Barletta
  • Gabriela Consalter
  • Luciana Wallauer


The goal of this paper is to evaluate if the pulp vitalities test with the pop gas tetrafluorethane (CS 68) on teeth having orthodontics brackets is trustworthy. Thirty-seven patients from a private clinic were selected, with ages between 12 and 60 years old. The test of pulp vitality was made on the palatine or lingual face, on the middle of it, in the incisives’ dent groups, canines and upper and lower pre-molars, the total was 402 teeth. When the answer of pulp sensibility was negative to the test, this one was repeated and if the result was confirmed negative again, it was made radiography of the tooth through the periapical technique. The results showed 4 dent elements with a negative answer to the test of pulp vitalities, these ones were 3 pre-molars and one central incisive. The others were positive to the test. Through the results, it was verified that the application of the test of pulp vitalities by palatine face in patients who used orthodontics brackets is a trustful and safe alternative.
UNITERMS: pulp vitality; orthodontics brackets; skin refrigerant.
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