Descriptive exploratory research related to the use of New Zealand white rabbits (Orytolagus cuniculus) as standard animal in evaluation of craniofacial growth patterns

  • Eduardo Seixas Cardoso
  • Renata Pitella Cançado
  • Cláiton Heitz
  • Marília Gerhardt de Oliveira


New Zealand White Rabbits are often related as a standard animal chosen in evaluation of craniofacial growth. Nevertheless, there are problems related to information about the care that such species demand during experimental researches. This exploratory research intends to review the literature about selecting a standard animal and experiments that are related to craniofacial growth, as well report the successes and not successes in those papers. Early age New Zealand White Rabbits (Orytolagus cuniculus) were handled through a Vivarium routine to be submitted to a surgery (experiment). Details related to transportation, rising, physiology, behavior, accommodation, anesthesia, death and the diseases are discussed to allow future researches with the purpose of using the same standard animal to have a shorter initial time.
UNITERMS: rabbits; animal model; growth; experimental research.
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