The influence of peracetic acid immersion on detail reproduction and compatibility of elastomers with gypsum

  • Gisele Baggio Fracaro
  • Cristiane Juchem
  • Alberth Medina Correa
  • Susana Maria Werner Samuel


The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of peracetic acid 0,2% (disinfectant) immersion on detail reproduction and compatibility with gypsum of elastomers: addition silicone, condensation silicone and polyether. For the test, 10 specimens from of each elastomer were made using a matrix determined by Specification n. 19 for Non-Aqueous, Elastomeric Dental Impression Materials of A.D.A. Five specimens were immersed in the disinfectant for 10 minutes, and the other five, were used as controls. The detail reproduction was analised visualizing a line 30 mm lenght and 20 μm thickness. For compatibility with gypsum the reproduction of the same details in gypsum type IV casts on the related impressions was evaluated. All materials used presented reproduction of details and compatibility with gypsum in 100% of specimens. It may be concluded that the immersion in peracetic acid (disinfectant) did not change the evaluated properties of these materials.
UNITERMS: disinfection; elastomers; detail reproduction; compatibily with gypsum.
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