Molar analysis of the axial topography of third enclosed through the panoramic x-ray of the maxilares in relation to the classification of Winter

  • Paulo Roberto Ferreira Cerqueira
  • Daniele Lago Bruno de Farias
  • José Paulo da Silva Filho
  • Tarsus Quincas Ferreira de Oliveira


The panoramic x-ray is one of the most frequent requested complementary examinations in the dental clinic being of utmost importance for evaluation of the dental inclusions and in the surgical planejamentos. The objective of this work is to analyze the third molar enclosed through the panoramic x-ray in relation classification of Winter (1926). 200 selected x-rays aleatoriamente of a particular clinic of dental radiology in Caruaru-PE had been analyzed, of patients in a etária band between 18 and 30 years of both the sorts, in the period of January the June of 2006. Of analyzed x-rays 58% (n = 116) they were of the feminine sort and 42% (n = 84) were of the masculine sort. The age average was of 22,4 years and the biggest frequency was element 28, 26.5% (n = 164) of which 26.5% (n = 69) was of the masculine sort and 27.2% (n = 95) followed of elemeto 18, 24.1% (n = 163) both with the vertical position.
UNITERMS: enclosed tooth; third molar ones; classification of Winter.
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