The clinical avaluation of the NOVAPEX apex locator in the determining working length in anteriors tooth

  • Daniel Renner
  • Fernando Branco Barletta
  • Ronise Ferreira Dotto
  • Sidnei Ricardo Dotto


In endodontic therapy, the correct determination of the working lenght constitutes an important step in repairing the periapical area. This study’s aim is to evaluate the reliability of the apical locator NOVATEX in the determination of the lenght of work, using as parameter the periapical x-ray, effectuated by the technique of bisecting the angle. The sample was composed by 76 anterior canals, both upper and lower. Of those, 26 teeth contained live pulp and 50 teeth contained necrosed pulp. According to the anatomic diameter in the third apical, it was introduced inside the radicular canal a juxtaposed file K to this area, with lenghts of 25 mm or 31 mm, and when the apparel showed the indicative led 1, the teeth were x-rayed in this size. The x-rays were digitalized in a special scanner for x-ray and measured from the top of the instrument to the radiographic apical vertex were determined, with the help of Photoshop 7.0. Measures between 0.5 mm and 2 mm of the apical vertex to the radiographic were considered reliable. The results showed success in 25 measurements (96,2%), in teeth with live vital pulp and 43 measurements (86%), in teeth with necrosed pulp. Of all cases, in 68 measurements (89,5%), the referred locator offered radiographic measurements inside the pre-established parameter. It is than concluded, through the analysis of the results that the apical locator NOVAPEX constitutes in a reliable auxiliary resource in determining the working length.
UNITERMS: apex locator; working lenght; NOVAPEX.
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