Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of an epoxy-resin based root canal sealer with iodoform

  • Manoel Damião de Sousa-Neto FORP/USP
  • Arthur de Siqueira Zuolo FORP/USP
  • Matheus Bérgamo Bodelon FORP/USP
  • Fuad Jacob Abi-Rached-Junior FORP/USP
  • Graziela Bianchi Leoni FORP/USP
  • Jesus Djalma Pécora FORP/USP
Keywords: root canal filling materials, Endodontics, Root Canal Obturation


Purpose: To evaluate the physicochemical properties of the epoxy-resin based root canal cement Sealer 26®, enhanced with different amounts of iodoform. Methods: The properties of setting time, radiopacity, flow, solubility and dimensional stability were measured according to ANSI/ADA Specification 57 for sealing materials. The samples were divided into five groups: (I) Sealer®; (II) Sealer®+5% iodoform; (III) Sealer®+7% iodoform; (IV) Sealer®+10% iodoform; (V) Sealer®+30% iodoform. Five samples were prepared from each group, for each test. Results: Statistical analysis was performed using the one-way ANOVA test at 5% significance level. The radiopacity and flow test results comply with ANSI/ADA norms. The values for setting time, solubility and dimensional stability did not meet the standards demanded by ADA Specification 57. Conclusion: The addition of iodoform to the Sealer 26® endodontic filler cement did not alter the property for radiopacity. However, it decreases the solubility and increases the values for setting time, flow, and dimensional stability.

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Manoel Damião de Sousa-Neto, FORP/USP
Área de Endodontia
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