Ectopic mandibular third molar: Extraction by extraoral access

  • Luciana Dorochenko Martins universidade estadual de ponta grossa
  • André Takahashi UEPG
  • Ramon Cesar Godoy Gonçalves EAP/ABO – Ponta Grossa
  • Maurício Zardo UEPG
  • Henri Kleber Osawa EAP/ABO – Ponta Grossa
Keywords: Oral surgery, dentigerous cyst, third molar, unerupted tooth



Purpose: The unerupted third molar mandibular teeth can be associated to dentigerous cysts. These cysts can dislocate the unerupted tooth for uncommon positions. This study reports a case of ectopic third molar, located in the mandibular angle, associated with a cystic lesion, which was removed by extra-oral access.

Case description: Patient with 28 years old, leucoderma, with complains about increase of volume in jaw, region of mandibular angle. The imagenologic exam evidenced radiolucent image, delimited, with involved unerupted tooth located in the mandibular rami area. The removal of the tooth was made under general anesthesia and submandibular extraoral access. The microscopic analysis revealed fragments of fibrous conjunctive tissue of capsular conformation with hemorrhage and chronic intense infiltrated inflammatory nonspecific and focuses widespread areas, besides epithelium odontogenic covering the conjunctive surface, compatible characteristics with cyst dentigerous infected.

Conclusion: The position of the tooth and the presence and extension of the lesion were decisive in the choice of the extraoral access, that it allowed good visualization of the surgical place and effectiveness enucleation of the cystic lesion.

Author Biographies

Luciana Dorochenko Martins, universidade estadual de ponta grossa
André Takahashi, UEPG
Ramon Cesar Godoy Gonçalves, EAP/ABO – Ponta Grossa
Maurício Zardo, UEPG
Henri Kleber Osawa, EAP/ABO – Ponta Grossa
Case Report