Portuguese as an Additional Language

To further broaden the scope and widen the content of the studies published in BELT, the Editors are pleased to announce the inclusion of Portuguese as an Additional Language as another major theme of this journal. Due to the rapidly increasing interest in this field of study, as well as to the expanding interests of the editorial team involved in administrating BELT, it is our new mission to showcase the quality research being carried out around the world on the teaching and learning processes involved in English and Portuguese as additional languages, from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. To this end, we will be dedicating one issue per year to studies aimed at English as an Additional Language and the second issue of the year to studies aimed at Portuguese as an Additional Language. Our main goals is to promote a broader debate on issues related to both themes, focusing on different levels and contexts that touch upon the Brazilian reality. Published every semester, the journal welcomes original articles, book reviews, interviews and didactic activities. As such, we would like to announce the first call for papers for the inaugural edition of Portuguese as an Additional Language. In pursuit of the constant improvement of the quality of BELT, the Editors have established a deadline in order to maintain a timeline for the editorial process. The deadline for submissions of the second edition of BELT is October 22, 2014.