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Vol 16, No 1 (2006) High frequency threshold in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Humberto Gonçalves Reis, Balduíno Tschiedel, Joaquín Poch Broto
Vol 21, No 3 (2011) Histological analysis of experimental wound healing under the action of low power laser [Abstract in English]<\b> Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Jesus Antonio de Carvalho Abreu, Aline da Luz Sousa, Carmen Laís Gervásio Fônseca Alves, Jefferson Torres Nunes
Vol 24, No 1 (2014) Histological changes caused by continuous ultrasonic waves of 01 MHz on the epiphyseal disk of murine tibia Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniela Pinheiro Silva, Ana Rita Pinheiro Barcessat, José Wagner Cavalcante Muniz
Vol 24, No 2 (2014) Historical evolution of the surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer Abstract   English   Portuguese (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo Garcia Toneto, Maria Helena Itaqui Lopes
Vol 22, No 4 (2012) History of gastric cancer treatment: the pioneers, early misconceptions and the current guidelines
[Abstract in English]
Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Marcelo Garcia Toneto, Arthur de Andrade Sehn, Bruno Chao Lisot, Maria Helena Itaqui Lopes
Vol 21, No 1 (2011) History of peptic ulcer: from etiology to treatment [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Marcelo Garcia Toneto, Fáberson João Mocelin Oliveira, Maria Helena Itaqui Lopes
Vol 28, No 1 (2018): Special issue on Simulation in Healthcare History of surgical simulation and its application in Neurosurgery Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Giselle Coelho, Thiago Vieira
Vol 25, No 4 (2015) History of thyroid surgery Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo Garcia Toneto, Claurio Roncuni
Vol 23, No 1 (2013) Human papillomavirus and infections of the lower genital tract in women with abnormal cervical cytological examination
[Abstract in English]
Abstract   PDF EM INGLÊS (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN ENGLISH
Suelen Paesi, Luciane Aver, Fernanda Barea, Andréa Vanni, Mariana Roesch-Ely
Vol 18, No 2 (2008) Humidification of inspired gases in mechanical ventilation in children [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Silvia Gatiboni, Jefferson Pedro Piva, Pedro Celiny Ramos Garcia
Vol 22, No 4 (2012) Hymenoptera venom allergy in children
[Abstract in English]
Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Sónia Santos, Carla Chaves Loureiro, Sónia Lemos, José António Pinheiro
Vol 16, No 2 (2006) Hyperglycemia and use of the insulin in critically ill child [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Elisa Baldasso, Pedro Celiny Ramos Garcia, Jefferson Pedro Piva, Ricardo Branco
Vol 18, No 1 (2008) Hypoxia-associated neonatal seizures and potential therapeutic use of neuropeptide NAP [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Samuel Greggio, Jaderson Costa Dacosta
Vol 24, No 1 (2014) "I'm always sleepy, am I ill?" – Case report of narcolepsy in adolescence Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Joaquina da Conceição Fernandes Antunes, Pedro Fernandes, Alzira Silveira
Vol 27, No 3 (2017) Identification of cardiovascular risk by triglyceride/HDL- cholesterol ratio in patients with chronic renal disease in hemodialysis Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luciana Leitão Moraes, Alinne Lorrany Gomes dos Santos, Luciana Pereira Pinto Dias, Dyanara de Almeida Oliveira, Denise Mafra, Isabelle Christine Vieira da Silva Martins
Vol 18, No 2 (2008) Immersion of pancreas for 24 hours in collagenase solution at 4°C in Langerhans islets isolation [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Luciano Passamani Diogo, David Saitovitch, Laura Fuchs Bahlis, Cínthia Fonseca O'Keeffe
Vol 24, No 3 (2014) Immune risk profile of elderly women with breast cancer: the first 37 cases Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Betina Vollbrecht, Felipe Pereira Zerwes, Janaina Viegas, Thiago Willers, Ana Paula Ornagh, Cristina Bonorino, Antonio Luiz Frasson
Vol 21, No 3 (2011) Immunonutrition in patients with sepsis? [Abstract in English]<\b> Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Gabriela Cristofoli Barni, Zilda Albuquerque Santos
Vol 29, No 3 (2019) Impact of a management strategy on child and adolescent overweight Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lisete Griebeler Souza, Zilda Elizabeth de Albuquerque Santos, Mariur Gomes Beghetto, Elza Daniel de Mello
Vol 25, No 1 (2015) Impact of gestational diabetes on neonatal outcomes: a retrospective cohort study Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Augusto Radünz Amaral, Jean Carl Silva, Bruna da Silva Ferreira, Mariana Ribeiro e Silva, Anna Maria Bertini
Vol 17, No 2 (2007) Impact of neonatal ressuscitation program [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Manoel Antonio da silva Ribeiro, Maria Helena Itaqui Lopes
Vol 22, No 4 (2012) Impact of neonatal seizures in the neurological outcome during the early years of life
[Abstract in English]
Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Bruna Finato Baggio, Diego Ustárroz Cantali, Rodolfo Alex Teles, Magda Lahorgue Nunes
Vol 18, No 2 (2008) Impact of obesity in morbity and mortality of patients submitted to myocardial revascularization surgery [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
João Carlos Vieira da Costa Guaragna, Luciana Parareda Guaragna, Daiane Paula Dall´Alba, Patrícia da Rocha Goulart, Luiz Carlos Bodanese, Ellen Hettwer Magedanz, Sílvia Daniela Minossi, Valério Martins, Marco Antonio Goldani, Jacqueline da Costa Escobar Piccoli
Vol 29, No 1 (2019) Impact of self-perceived health on long-lived subjects with urinary incontinence Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luisa Braga Jorge, Bruna Borba Neves, Josemara de Paula Rocha, Vivian Ulrich, Ângelo José Gonçalves Bós
Vol 29, No 2 (2019) Impact of the complexity of pharmacotherapy on biochemical and pressure parameters in diabetes mellitus Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Matheus Oliveira do Nascimento, Dinayra Oliveira do Nascimento, Carla Solange de Melo Escórcio Dourado
Vol 23, No 4 (2013) Impact of wheezing episodes in children 0 to 3 years old from a low-income area in Southern Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sofia Bezerra de Oliveira Costa, Ana Luiza Tainski de Azevedo, Marie Christine Revillion de Oliveira, Leonardo Araujo Pinto
Vol 29, No 3 (2019) Implementing computerized adaptative test Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Dario Cecilio-Fernandes
Vol 22, No 1 (2012) Implications of H1N1 influenza during pregnancy
Abstract in English
Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Ana Paula Pastore, Cibeli de Souza Prates, Lucila Ludmila Gutierrez
Vol 28, No 1 (2018): Special issue on Simulation in Healthcare Importance and challenges of simulation training in healthcare Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Carolina Felipe Soares Brandão, Dario Cecilio Fernandes
Vol 21, No 4 (2011) Importance of animal model to test hypotheses about the pathophysiology of the binomial diabetes and female urinary incontinence
Abstract in English
Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Gabriela Marini, Fernanda Piculo, Angélica Mércia Pascon Barbosa, Débora Cristina Damasceno, Selma Maria Michelin Matheus, Marilza Vieira Cunha Rudge
Vol 15, No 1 (2005) Importance of interstitial cystitis diagnosis in chronic pelvic pain [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Michael G. Zimmer, Everton Z. Carvalho, José A. P. Noronha, Edson V. Cunha Filho, Christina P. Oppermann, Thais G. dos Santos
Vol 15, No 1 (2005) Importance of vitamin B12 screening in clinical evaluation of elderly patient [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alexandre Futterleib, Karen Cherubini
Vol 22, No 3 (2012) In vitro evaluation of the biological potential of Salvia officinalis L. in tumor cells
[Abstract in English]
Abstract   Sem título ()   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Charlene Silvestrin Celi Garcia, Ana Paula Franco Lambert, João Antonio Pêgas Henriques, Mariana Roesch Ely
Vol 21, No 1 (2011) Incarcerated recurrent obturator hernia: a case report [Abstract in English] Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF IN PORTUGUESE
Francisco Felipe Laitano, Cláudio Corá Mottin, Antonella Furquim Conte, Rafael Jacques Ramos, Alexandre Vontobel Padoin, Letícia Biscaino Alves
Vol 25, No 2 (2015) Incidence of acute diarrheal disease in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in a 10-year historical series Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Suelen Paesi, Flaviane Eva Magrini
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