Laparoscopic approach of adrenal incidentaloma: a rare case of ganglioneuroma [Abstract in English]

Manoela Beatriz Martins, Nicele Porto dos Santos, Celina Greco, Patrícia Basso Mainardi, Luiz Cláudio Danzman, Vinícius Duval da Silva, Gustavo Franco Carvalhal


Aims: To discuss the diagnostic and therapeutic options in a rare case of ganglioneuroma as cause of adrenal incidentaloma.
Case description: A 45-year old male presented with a diagnosis of adrenal incidentaloma during routine clinical evaluation. The lesion measured 7.5 cm on ultrasound, and computerized tomography findings were non-characteristic. A transperitoneal laparoscopic adrenalectomy was performed in 63 minutes of surgery time, through four ports (12, 11, and two of 5 mm). The specimen was removed through an augmentation of the 12 mm port until roughly 3.5 cm, inside an endocatch bag. Intraoperative bleeding was less than 50 ml. Pathological examination revealed an adrenal ganglioneuroma. Postoperative course was uneventful, and the patient was discharged home 72 hours after the procedure.
Conclusions: In the literature reviewed, the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches of adrenal incidentalomas are controversial. Our report points out to the possibility of ganglioneuroma as a cause of adrenal incidentalomas, especially among young patients. Its surgical removal generally results in cure, and the laparoscopic approach is currently the preferred option.

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