Onychomycosis in childhood by Microsporum spp: a case report

Flávia Regina Ferreira, Nilton Gioia di Chiacchio, Juliana Chaib Ferreira Jorge, Priscila Pacheco Lessa, Livia Mendes Sabia


AIMS: To describe a case of onychomycosis in a child and to alert to the importance of clinical suspicion and an appropriate mycological search.
CASE DESCRIPTION: A boy 1 year and 8 months old, previously healthy, had toenail changes for six months. Dermatological examination disclosed hyperkeratosis and discolouration of the nails of the toes, and erythematous, scaly lesions in the interdigital folds. Direct mycological examination and fungal culture were performed and identified a dermatophyte fungus, Microsporum spp. The patient was treated with terbinafine with complete resolution of the condition.
CONCLUSIONS: Onychomycosis is the most prevalent disease of the nails, but its occurrence in childhood is uncommon, and the fungus of the genus Microsporum as a causal agent is also rare.



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